Saturday, September 10, 2011


I have a love - hate relationship with blogging.  This is my third attempt at blogging.  The relationship started in Houston, merely out of boredom and needing an outlet.  It lasted a few months, then I deleted that blog.  I started a new blog when I arrived in Oklahoma.  It lasted a few months, if that, and then I deleted that blog.   I found out something about myself.  I like to read blogs perhaps more than I enjoy blogging myself.  Here is my third attempt.

I suppose I will start it off with my favorite Jabenisms. 

Naked baby!  (referring to our neighbor who mows in a bikini top (woman) or no top at all (man).  And yes, this was yelled within earshot.

I'm going to huff and puff and blow the sun away, it's too hot.  Mommy, it didn't work.  I'll try again.  The sun is still there.

All the bag bugs are eating our bonatoes Big Da!  (translation; All the bad bugs are eating our tomato plants Big Daddy <----Justin's dad).

I need a dog, a white dog, named Bedford. 

Thank you for chocolate milk and to be kind.  (bedtime prayers)

I washed your car mommy, you say thank you. 

It's Peter, just like Peter Rabbit!  (In reference to Peter, one of the disciples).  


  1. yeah! you're back! maybe third time's a charm? i always feel like blogging ebbs and flows. sometimes your're "on" and sometimes you're "off." it's always a nice place to come back to when the mood strikes you :) no pressure to blog all the time - it's your blog so just blog whenever you feel like it!

  2. Ok, I'm glad you're back, too! And I'm glad you are back to facebook - I have missed you and will so enjoy keeping up with your life and the kids! They are both adorable, by the way! Hope to see you soon!