Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Josiah,

Dear Josiah, as your Mommy, I want you to know.....

I love holding you why you sleep,

I love that every time you are sleepy, you hold onto my thumb.  Your little fingers just fit perfectly.

I love the way you give sugars.  You lean in with your mouth wide open and just slobber all over my face.

I love watching the birds on our feeders with you.  Every time a bird lands, your little finger points and you say "brr." 

I love dancing with you in our living room and listening to your deep belly laugh.

I love your smile.  

I love playing chase with you down our hall.

I love reading stories to you.

I love pushing you in the swing and watching your excitement.

I love watching you toddle around in our backyard.  I love how you notice every little weed, flower, bird, wind gust.....I should learn from you.

I love feeling you nestle your little face against mine, with your head on my shoulder.

I love sneaking in your room at night to just watch you is as if time stops.

Tomorrow, you will be one.  As your Mommy, I want you to know....I love you because you are my son.  
Happy Birthday Josiah!

  Oh the places you will go.........


  1. I LOVE this & it is ALL so true....such a precious age! Josiah is one blessed boy to have you for his mommy! (and Jaben) You are "the BEST" mommy & they couldn't have had one any better! Enjoy his day w/your J-Crew! :) Love you, MOM

  2. What a sweet sweet post from one of the best moms I know. You are an amazing mother, wife, daughter and granddaughter. You and Justin have raised 2 sweet and happy boys!!!!