Friday, June 29, 2012

Where I am at.

I would like to say that during the summer, my blogging is less due to gardening.  Unfortunately the truth is my blogging is always sparse.  So, here is where I am at.

As of recent my sister journeyed to New York, her new place of residence.  She previously resided in Tulsa, just a short drive from where I am.  I loved our time spent together while she was so close.  We had not lived that close to one another since she was a Senior in her undergraduate studies and I was a freshman in college.  I'm not going to date myself, but folks, that was a looooonnng time ago.  

My husband and I (and kids) frequent Tulsa a lot to visit family.  Every time we went, my sister and I would try to make a point to get together for coffee, or shopping in Utica Square, porch chiminea time at her cute bungalow house, or bat watching when she lived in her duplex before finding her home.  Oh nostalgia.  I sure do miss her.  I was in Tulsa last week and weekend.  I left without seeing my sister for the first time in several years.  Ouch.  How do I describe that except it was nothing short of painful.  I sure do miss her.  Bittersweet.  I sure am happy for her new journey ahead.  The sweetness was her living so close, the bitter part was her leaving.  My mother recently told me, you cannot have the sweet without the bitter.  They go hand in hand.  

On another note, I love gardening and have really been enjoying it this summer.  My husband built two above ground flowerbeds for our garden.  My father-in-law supplied us with sixteen tomato plants, so look out when those things start producing.  Currently in our garden we have tomato plants, pepper plants, basil, spearmint, lavender, thyme, cilantro, eggplant,  and sunflowers that will hopefully grow to be seven to twelve feet tall.  I am really trying to eat healthy and cook healthy, thus I am enjoying using that things from our garden.  I especially love the basil! Did I mention I planted the eggplant in memory of my sister.  She loved that stuff.  Hope I do too. Ha. 

The children are amazing and wonderful.  Jaben is so smart he amazes me all the time.  His little memory is so good.  He remembers stuff from when he was not even two yet. I love hearing his little feet pattering down the hall in the middle of the night to come get his Daddy.  The other night he did that.  He came walking in with his blanket and said he wanted his Daddy to come sleep with him and that he needed help finding Mr. Bear.  I sure am going to miss that when he wants to sleep all by himself when he wakes up at night.  

Jaben has really been enjoying gymnastics this summer.  He has been flying on zip lines, jumping in foam pits, doing back flips, front flips, walking balance beams, etc. When did he get to be this big?  :)

Josiah seems to have gone from a baby to a toddler in one day.  He is almost running.  His vocabulary has increased immensely.  He is saying the basic mama and daddy and etc....but also he is saying ball, bird, shaking his head no in response to questions, understanding things such as going to Jaben's room to wake him up from a nap when I tell him what to do (he loves waking big brother up), he is saying belly, he can point to his belly, eyes, ears, head, hair, foot.  

Perhaps one of my favorite things right now is watching the boys play together.  They love to get in the trampoline and play crack the egg....the egg being Josiah.  Josiah loves it! Josiah loves to stalk Jaben when Jaben is eating.  And Jaben loves to feed him.  Josiah will just keep coming over to the table for more food.  Josiah loves to blow kisses to Jaben when we tuck him in for a nap and then he will close his door.  Children are such a blessing.  Thank you Lord!

Well, speaking of children, I need to go wake them up from their sweet slumber.  Best wishes for a Happy 4th of July!


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