Saturday, October 1, 2011


Fall is my favorite season of the year!  I am so excited that has arrived!  If it could be Fall all year long, I would absolutely welcome that.

Fall brings so many good memories with it.  It reminds me of when I first started dating my husband, in 2004.  We had just met the Spring semester of that year.  He worked on the farm that summer in Texas, I was in Oklahoma.  He came back to Oklahoma for the Fall semester and worked in the same town I attended college.  That is when we really started dating and spending most of our time together.  We would run together around the Airport track in Shawnee, take walks at night around the university's campus, sit on the roof of the infamous Park Street house star gazing, you name it.

Fall also reminds me of my husband and I's first Fall together in Arkansas.  Arkansas is so gorgeous in the Fall!  Justin and I went shopping for our lawn Fall arrangements.  We came home with hay bales, pumpkins, mums, kale, and a scarecrow.  We also planted pansies.

Another Fall, we were preparing for Jaben's arrival by decorating his nursery, etc.  That Fall I had come home from work and Justin had suprised me with mums, hay bales, pumpkins, was wonderful!

The next Fall, holds sweet memories of Jaben learning to crawl and pull up on everything.  We took him to a pumpkin patch in Tecumseh and trick or treating down Utica Square in Tulsa in his monkey costume.

Tecumseh Pumpkin Patch 2009

Here are some more reasons I love Fall!

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Hot Cocoa
Pumpkin Patches
Hay Rides
Pumpkin Bread

Happy Fall!

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  1. You look a lot like your sister in that picture. What great memories!