Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today was eventful, nostalgic, memorable, hilarious, and profound.

Today, at the Christian Learning Center, it was Family Day.  Each child was instructed to wear or bring something of one of his/her family members.   Jaben took Daddy's hat to school.  Not only did he take his hat to school, he also wore it.  It was perhaps one of the most precious things I have seen.  The hat was much too large for Jaben, but Daddy tightened it as much as he could.  Today the wind was blowing incredibly hard.  As we were walking into school, Jaben held onto that hat with all he had.  He was such a proud boy and his bond with his Daddy is priceless.  I couldn't help but think that someday my sweet little two year old will actually fill that hat out....probably sooner than later. 

Josiah and I headed to Hafer Park for a morning walk after we dropped Jaben off at school.  I strapped Josiah in his front pack rather than the stroller so that he could see all the trees that were changing colors and the beautiful scenery.  He and I walked for roughly a mile and a half.  Josiah was kicking off and on the whole time and absolutely loved it.  There was one point in our walk when the wind blew the strongest I had felt all day and the noise that reverberated through the yellow-leaved trees was astounding.  I find all too much I get caught up in the busyness, rushing around all day, that I forget the most simple yet most profound aspects of life....the wind, trees, nature.....that God created and sustains all of this.  I worry about things that are not worth worrying about but at the same time are not worthless deeds.

Later, Josiah and I went Christmas shopping.  He is young enough I can take him with me and he won't remember what I bought.  Jaben will remember and search for it or keep asking about it....thus I shopped while he was in school.  I had the most wonderful time!  I feel so blessed to have two healthy boys to love on and celebrate Christmas!  I found some awesome deals for Josiah and some most longed for gifts for Jaben.  I just cherish these moments so much because I can only imagine this period will go by so quickly.  I can hardly believe that Jaben is nearing three years old and Josiah almost six months old.  I want to soak up every bit of this I can.

The rest of the day was rather eventful, but I will spare the details.  However, I must say I am so intrigued by the mind of a two year old....namely Jaben.  He and I had carved out his pumpkin Jack last week.  Well Jack was looking rather sickly.  He was sitting on our front porch and I noticed it was time for him to go.  Jaben noticed too.  He said, "Mommy, his face went bad."  Indeed it did! Ha!   Jack had sunk down to about half the size he was before.  I told Jaben it was probably time to throw him away.  You would have thought his world had been crushed.  So then I asked if he wanted to put Jack out in our garden where Peter rabbit lives.  Peter rabbit is a rabbit we saw numerous times this summer out in the garden. I told him that if we put Jack in the garden, eventually he would return to the dirt and next year produce new pumpkins.  Jaben was really excited about this.  He ran as fast as he could to the garden, and picked the perfect spot for Jack....right in the middle of the garden.  I put Jack there and we went on playing.  Jaben had to go back and check on him later.  I am so enthralled and intrigued that Jaben is so interested and concerned about the smallest details.  It reminds me to be thankful for the simple things of life.  

The reason Jaben was so attached to Jack is due to a story he read.  The story was about a pumpkin that was all dirty and in need of some cleansing.  The inside of the pumpkin was cleaned, the pumpkin was carved, and a light was placed in this pumpkin.  It parallels this to salvation.  That we are chosen by God, all the dirty stuff is cleansed away, He molds us into His perfect will for our lives, and He places His light in us.  


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  1. this was such a sweet post. thank you for sharing.