Friday, February 24, 2012

A BIG little update..

Oh my, I have not blogged in quite some time. I have a lot to share.

Josiah is well on his way to walking soon.  Time sure is going by so much faster the second time around.  It seems I just found out I was pregnant with our second child.  Goodness.  Josiah has been pulling up for awhile and now he will pull up on a piece of furniture, smile really big, and then slowly let go with one hand and then the other.  Yesterday I looked over at him and he was standing up all by himself holding my Yoga Journal magazine.  He had this expression of "om" on his face. Ha!  He also loves to play peek-a-boo.  He will pull a blanket up on his face and then pull it back down all on his own!  And, he tries to run away from me when he is crawling.  Josiah will take off down the hall, look back at me and giggle, and then turbo crawl (seriously) into the bathroom.  He has a fascination with Jaben's Lighting McQueen potty...which is his ultimate destination.  He loves the handle that sounds like a race car.  We've had some close calls there.

Jaben is learning so much at his school.  He has made a new best friend.  He always comes home telling me about what he and Griffin did that day.  Supposedly they became friends during nap time.  They nap by each other on their little nap mats.  Ha!  Jaben will also tell me if someone "spit up" that day...aka if someone was sick.  One time he re-inacted this whole scene that played out at school with his life size Elmo.  He got Elmo and said, "Oh no, Elmo spit up in the hall.  I will clean it up like Mr. Bobby."  He ran and got the vacuum and cleaned it up.  Then he kept telling me over and over  again "not to walk through it."

We have enrolled Jaben in school for next year too.  It is so good for him!  His little mind is constantly thinking and learning and school is the perfect place for his creative mind!  Jaben will be attending the pre-school program on Tuesday and Thursday in the extended session.  The normal session was for three hours only.  So he will be going for five hours.  And yes, that is the same thing his friend Griffin enrolled in as well. Ha!

We are getting ready to celebrate Jaben's 3rd Birthday.  He requested a Toy Story birthday.  I am having a lot of fun planning this party!  I am hoping the real Woody and Jessie will show up (Kerri and Jared.... :) )...although this has not been confirmed.  Here are a few other things I am thrilled about;
Buzz LightYear Candle Cake Topper, Wiggle Snakes, Bubbles, Potato Heads, and the other surprises will be revealed at the party.   On a side note, I asked Jaben wanted he wanted for his birthday.  He said, "A wiggle snake, a T-Rex, and a really big Buzz LightYear I mean HUGE!"

Just for giggles:  A nice lady at Wal-greens asked what Jaben's name was.  His response and I quote, "Rister Jaben Roye the Wombat."  Moving on....

Justin is doing great!  He is so thankful to live so close to an ABKA karate class.  Justin has two black belts and has a passion for karate.  This is the closest he has lived to the association that he was trained within since we have been married.  The karate association he is a part of is a christian association.  This group supports and goes on several mission trips.  Justin is currently training for another black belt in a fe months.

I am doing wonderful!  I recently repainted our office from a shiny blue to eggshell mint tea leaves.  When we first moved from Houston, the office is the room I painted first.  For some reason I got semi-gloss enchanted navy paint.  That speaks for itself.  It has been something I have wanted to repaint for well over a year now.  It is done!  Here are some pictures.

Signing off with a few of my favorite recent pictures:

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  1. Loved reading your update! I miss seeing you guys! Glad you are doing well and all settled in to life in Oklahoma! Any chance you are heading this way for a visit anytime soon?