Monday, February 27, 2012


Yoga.  I absolutely love yoga.  My passion for yoga was brought into light in the summer of 2005.  I had been doing a little yoga in college.  That summer was spent living in the Bronx in New York.  Justin and I were dating.  He was in Austin.  I flew down to visit him that summer.  His aunt was very dedicated to her Bikram Yoga practice.  Justin and I joined her one day.

Bikram Yoga is an hour and a half class with a room that is heated to 105 degrees.  It is an experience.  The heat is thought to aide in stretching, rid your body of toxins, and further the yoga practice in many other ways.  I fell in love with this practice.

I visited a Yoga studio in Manhattan when I returned to New York.  I purchased an audio cd of the Bikram practice wherein I would listen to the instructor and practice it in the dorm at Fordham University.  I attended a few classes in Tulsa when I would visit Justin later in subsequent years.  I taught a Yoga class at OBU one night a week just for fun.

Our first year of marriage, I registered for a teacher training program in Houston, Texas to become a certified Yoga instructor.  It was through The Yoga Institute of Houston.  It was phenomenal.

I have had the desire to teach Yoga for quite sometime.  I haven't taught any classes since college.  I hope to pursue this dream in the future.

My practice has had its upward dogs and downward dogs.  I am just now back into practicing yoga after the birth of Josiah.  And my passion is renewed again.  I love the health benefits, physical and physiological.  I have had hopes of teaching Yoga and incorporating it with my nursing degree.  It has proven health benefits like lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, relieving back pain, decreasing the risk of stroke, you name it.  I hope to provide this avenue of health to people someday rather than just modern medicine for high blood pressure or anxiety medication, etc.

Namaste, Jessica

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  1. You should do one for flock girls. I would pay for it!