Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peter Rabbit Meets The Easter Bunny

Jaben has been waiting to meet the Easter Bunny since before Christmas.  Yes, for almost four months now he has been asking me to take him to meet the Easter Bunny.  One day he asked me to take him to the mall.  I figured he wanted to go to the play area.  Nope. He thought the Easter Bunny lived at the mall year round.  This was in February. 

All that to say, the Easter Bunny has finally arrived at the mall.  I promised Jaben that we could go meet her after school today.  When we arrived at school this morning he informed me that he only wanted to go inside to play with the bead maze and then head straight to the mall and not go to class.  He needed to meet that bunny.  Well, of course we didn't do that, but we did go visit that bunny after school.  

I picked him up from class and he ran out the door to where his artwork was lying.  He picked up this purple paper with a bunny on it.  The ears were made of his footprints.  Jaben told me he made this for the Easter Bunny and that he was going to tell the bunny he had a surprise and then give it to him....that the bunny had to keep his paper. Oh, and one more detail, Jaben's Peter Rabbit had to meet the bunny too.  So of course, we did all of that.  And then some...such as hugging the Easter Bunny goodbye, then walking away, then running back over to the Easter Bunny because she forgot to hug Jaben's Peter Rabbit goodbye.  And yes, the Easter Bunny actually hugged Jaben's bunny, Peter Rabbit, goodbye. Here are the pictures. 

 Jaben with his picture for the Easter Bunny. 

 Behold, the Easter Bunny.  Notice Jaben handing his picture to the bunny.  

 Jaben sitting with the Easter Bunny and Josiah just hanging out.

 Play area at the mall.  Ribbit!  Notice Peter Rabbit is with Jaben too.

 Playing in the boat together.

 Josiah standing up in the boat. 

Josiah's favorite!

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