Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Jaben!

My family and I are so blessed!  Recently, my amazing sister asked if she could host a family birthday party for Jaben at her house.  Jaben loves Aunt Tiff and Uncle Luke!  He was thrilled to hear that he would be having a bonus party in addition to the party Mom and Dad would be hosting for him.

We celebrated with my family this past Saturday at Aunt Tiff and Uncle Luke's house in Tulsa.  Tiff is so good at hosting!  And, she sure does know how to make a little boy feel very special.  She made sure to ask me all of his favorite foods, interests, etc.  And she sure did have all Jaben could ever dream about from reese's butter cups (which he almost ate an entire bowl), lime chips, reese's pieces, lemons (he loves for Tiff to make sour lemon faces), chocolate teddy grahams, temporary tattoos (Cars of course), suckers, a Cars birthday cake, balloons, a Cars game, you name it...she had it all.  I am so thankful for family that loves on our boys!

My sister knit Jaben a gnome hat, which he is wearing in some of the pictures.  She and Luke also got him some garden tools and seeds (amongst other things) to accompnay his awesome gnome hat.  Gnomes are infamous for residing in gardens right?

It was so sweet to also be celebrating with Jaben's Great-Grandmother and his Great-Grandfather who were also at the party.  And, he loved having Grandma, Pop pop and Connie as well at his party.

Toward the end of the party, Jaben had a dance party in which he wanted all the guests to come into the office, closed the doors, and danced.  I caught Grandma doing the hold your nose fish move at one point, Pop pop dancing like a duck and stomping his foot, Aunt Tiff dancing with Mr. Bear who was instructed to catch a balloon with his hands (he really has know hands...this was almost asking for a miracle), and Great Grandma being pegged with balloons being projected from the moving fan...on her head. Ha. 

Here are a few pictures from the party, compliments of my sweet sister.
My sweet sister who asked to host a party for Jaben at her house.
She knitted this awesome gnome hat for Jaben.
Daddy and Uncle Luke working on Jaben's new John Deer Power Drive Barn.

Jaben with Pop pop and Grandma.

Uncle Luke and Jaben.

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